Fall Decorating Tips

In light of my last post featuring our new fall products, I wanted to share some decorating tips! I love decorating for fall because of the warm colors and textures. Rather than going all out, I prefer to incorporate touches throughout my home. I like to keep it simple, but use warm colors so it still really pops.

Typically I use a lot of natural elements. This makes my faux pieces look more realistic. First I start by going outside and pulling what I can for free. I look for branches or greenery from my backyard and farm and bring it inside to start incorporating it in my decor. The nature and texture of these items really warm up the space.


The tools I use are good old fashioned loppers and wire cutters. I’ll get a handful of twigs and branches to use with a good fall garland or wreath. Don’t be intimidated by this – it’s a lot easier to find natural elements than you think! Try making it a fun game with your kids and pick up branches together.

Once I cut the branches and greenery from outside I love to use it around my mantles and kitchen table. If you want to add a fall stem, you can add that within the greenery to give it a more fall feel. For instance, I love using these cotton stems.



Another thing I like to do with greenery and stems is to add it to small vases or jars. You can try our Seltzer Bottles from the Market or other simple vases like I have in my farmhouse. These vases are simple and really highlight the natural warm elements.


I also like to use wreaths in different ways. Traditionally we hang wreaths on walls and doors, but love reinventing the purpose of decor items to use in other ways! I like to put cake plates in the center of my wreath to create a really beautiful centerpiece. It really dresses up your table, especially when entertaining guests.




Another thing I love to do with wreaths is to cut the wreath apart in one place with a pair of wire cutters or loppers. Then I put it around a light fixture or chandelier and it almost looks like a nest. Anytime you incorporate natural greenery with faux greenery it makes a beautiful statement. I wanted to make it look more natural above my kitchen table so I added greenery from outside as well.





*When you do an arrangement around a chandelier make sure to keep all the branches and floral elements away from the bulbs!

I hope these ideas inspire you to start welcoming fall in your own home. To purchase any of the fall greenery in this post, please visit our Seasonal Collection! Happy decorating!


Product Spotlight: Fall Favorites

I’m so excited to welcome and celebrate a new season! Fall is officially around the corner and I’m getting ready to start decorating my Farmhouse. In light of this, I’ve decided to post my new Fall favorites in my shop! I’ll also be posting a how-to post this weekend with all my decorating tips. I can’t wait to use some of these products in my own home!


Autumn Branches Wreath – $65


Fall Berry Wreath – $65


Fall Fern Wreath – $18


Cotton Wreath – from $48


Cotton Stem – from $6


Metal Leaf Wreath – $32

There’s a limited number of these products available, so order soon! Happy fall, everyone!


Preparing for Fall

This week I can’t wait to share some of my fall decorating tips, products and ideas with you. To me home is so much more than a place and I always enjoy preparing it for a new season. I love the idea of creating a fragrance in the home, one in which the family thrives and celebrates. Home is far deeper than decor; it’s an atmosphere. An atmosphere that we, as homemakers, have the opportunity to create.

It’s easy to go overboard with decorating, especially for holidays and seasons. But for me, I like to take the simple subtle approach. My kids don’t always notice the browns and oranges coming in around this time of year, but they grow to appreciate it. It’s a sweet reminder to them that seasons change and that we’re going to embrace the things that come our way.

I like the idea of decorating simply so that the attention is still on the home itself, instead of the decor and fill. Create a fragrance, not a show. I want my guests to walk in and feel peaceful, welcome and at home rather than being overwhelmed.

This week I hope to offer you some practical advice on how to do this in your home! I’ll be posting my new fall products and photos of my farmhouse. Although it feels like summer is going to hang on a bit longer here in Texas, I am believing that the feeling of fall is approaching soon!