Magnolia Fall Workshop

I can’t believe we are already sold out for our first ever Magnolia Fall Workshop! I am overwhelmed by the response and humbled that many of you are making a trip to Waco for the event. To those of you who have purchased tickets – thank you! We have some really exciting things planned that I can’t wait to share with you! You should receive a packet in the mail with more details by next week (hotel discount codes, ticket, etc).

Because this event filled up so quickly and because there are many of you who wanted to come but missed the opportunity, there will be more workshops in the future. This is what I truly love to do – getting a chance to meet you, share my inspiration and ideas and empower people to do the same in their own homes. Ideally, I’d love to host a few workshops a year. If our filming schedule allows, we may even offer a Christmas event. Please stay tuned for more information and keep checking our website and social media pages!

Planting Begins

In light of fall’s arrival, I’m going to start planting again! First, I have to make sure the soil is ready. I typically do this by breaking up the ground with my hands and gardening tools, adding some good soil and compost and then watering consistently. It’s always important to prep the ground before you plant. I like my garden to be truly organic. I use an organic cotton compost and organic soil. It’s really important to me that what we are putting in our mouths doesn’t have pesticides or unnatural chemicals.

Once the ground is prepared, I either purchase seeds if it’s early enough in the season, or seedlings which are young plants ready to be transplanted into your garden. It’s also important to know what’s in season before planting. Texas is so hot, even in the fall, that the climate isn’t right for certain vegetables and flowers. Depending on where you live, research your climate or local nursery to see what grows well in your neck of the woods.


Some of things that will be growing in the Gaines’ garden this fall are broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and eventually I’ll plant some lettuce and spinach at the end of this month! Other veggies good for this time of year are beets, collard greens, brussel sprouts, and swiss chard. Since I go to the garden to retreat and unwind, not only do I want to plant food for my family to enjoy, I want it to be pretty and aesthetically pleasing. I also plant certain flowers, depending on the time of year, to enhance the beauty of the garden.


My kids love picking veggies from the garden for different recipes, especially using these cute new Blackboard Crates from my online shop. It’s especially fun when they can taste the fruit of their labor at the dinner table. I’m excited to try some new recipes with our garden veggies this fall! What are you planting this season?

{Photos, veggies & herbs provided by Bonnie’s Greenhouse}



farmhouse garden

Tending Your Garden(s)

September has begun and it’s time to plant my fall garden. One of my favorite spots on the farm is the garden Chip built for me a couple years ago. We plant all sorts of veggies and flowers and it’s a place that I love to retreat to after a long day. I am drawn to gardening because it goes far beyond tangible labor. There are so many wonderful analogies you can draw from the garden. They translate well to my kids, especially when they can be so involved in the gardening process. Even as an adult my mind always goes back to the garden and tending to my own life, faith and heart.

There’s something about putting your hands in the dirt and getting after it that not only refreshes me, but revives me. It takes me back to the basics and makes complicated things more simple. It reminds me to work hard with the promise of things to come. I can put my hands to something knowing there’s fruit on the other side.


A couple weeks ago one of my kiddos was having trouble telling the truth. After talking to him a few times, I decided to take him out to the garden. I hadn’t tended to it in weeks, so when we got there the garden was a mess of weeds and grass. I gently explained that when we don’t tend to our hearts and the issues that keep arising, this is what happens. Weeds start to spring up and choke the life out of the plants around them. I showed him how to pull the weeds out and then we set our hands to work together. I explained that when the roots are not taken care of, it becomes a reoccuring issue. The weeds must be uprooted fully, so that they cannot grow back again.

After that I started to see a change in my child. And even more than that, I started to see a change in me. It was a good reminder that even as an adult, there are reoccurring things in my life that need to be tended to. For me, parenting is so much beyond catching your kids doing something wrong and then solely disciplining them. It’s about creating learning experiences for them to remember and grow from.

What are you tending tending to in this season? For me in this new season I want to really try to uproot the things that aren’t bringing life in my own heart and home. Perhaps plant a garden with your kids this fall and begin by breaking ground and uprooting any weeds. Stay tuned for my blog post on what we’ll be planting at the Gaines’ garden. And if you have any gardening tips of your own, I’d love to hear!