Magnolia Fall Gathering

I’m so excited to post pictures from our first Magnolia Gatherings event! Thank you to all who attended; it was an incredible evening! My hope is to host more events such as this one in the future, so please stay tuned. My favorite part of the night was getting to meet those of you who attended the event.


When we first opened event registration, I was floored and humbled that so many people signed up so quickly. Our staff got started right away prepping each detail down to the food displays and favor bags! Details can make all the difference in a space and I wanted to transform each aspect of the venue to fit the fall theme. Below are pictures of some highlights of the evening.

The food was fall themed and provided for by several incredible caterers in town! One of guests’ favorites was the Butternut Squash Basil Soup, although the cupcake display was hard to pass up as well.
I got to share my story and also what gathering around the table means to me. With the craziness of the Holiday season, time seems to fly by so fast. There is one place I have always felt like time slows down- its when I am gathered around a table with my family and friends. I encourage you to host a dinner party this season, but don’t let the details overwhelm you. I shared simple ideas that will not only make the table pretty but will also encourage conversation around the table. Have fun with it and use your home as a resource to encourage and bless others.


Several ideas for the evening were simple clipboards ($1 each) with a “give thanks” message on it. These are great party favors for your guests. We also gave attendees a simple “Give Thanks” banner that they could string on their mantle and let the family write what they are thankful for. I am all about designing with meaning and these banners are a great reminder for us all.

When setting a table, I like to use layers and different textures to create warmth and interest. For the DIY portion of the night, we created floral napkin rings. This is an easy way to dress up your table, you can simply trim some greenery from your landscape. Guests were encouraged to create natural napkin rings at their tables. There were also other flowers and little berries available to incorporate as well. I loved that guests got creative with this – some people used the greenery to decorate their wreath chargers and others used several different kinds of greenery tied together around their napkins.




If you missed the event, here are a few step by step instructions to make a floral napkin ring! First, cut the greenery the appropriate length.


Next, tie the ends of the greenery together using twine and the rolled napkin as your guide.


Feel free to add other elements to the greenery, such the flowers and berries provided at the event.


Finally, slide the napkin ring onto the napkin and set it at your place setting!



If you missed this event, below are some of my tips for gatherings over the holidays. When I spend time around a table with people I love, time seems to slow and the moments seem richer. I want to practice this in my home more often and enjoy it!

  • Spend time with people you love.
  • Share why you’re thankful for the people you’re with.
  • Open your home to others.
  • Enjoy a meal together around the table.
  • Keep your dinner parties between 6-12 people so that it’s manageable.
  • Turn off your phones and engage in conversation.
  • Have fun with the details.
  • Select a fun theme that inspires the direction of the evening.

Happy Birthday Chip!

Last week my husband Chip turned 40. We first met when he was 25 years old and the first thing I noticed was his smile that could light up a room. As we dated, I noticed that the same smile he greeted me with the first day we met was the same smile he shared with so many others on a daily basis. It didn’t matter if it was the president of a bank or a homeless man, he shared this genuine, sincere smile that warmed the hearts of many. I am truly thankful for this man who has taught me to love deeper than I knew I could love and dream further than I ever thought to dream. Happy 40th Chip Carter – Thank you for teaching us all to have fun living and to love well. You’re a good man.



Magnolia Mugs Available Online

These handmade Magnolia Mugs are now available in our online shop! Each one is made by a local designer and features a stamped Magnolia letters logo. Try enjoying your morning cup of coffee or a cup of hot chocolate with an exclusive Magnolia Mug, or purchase one as a gift for a friend.


Our staff loves using these mugs in our offices! I like to keep one near my desk, especially when a case of the Mondays comes along and I need a little bit of extra coffee to keep me going. Happy Monday everyone!