Happy Birthday Chip!

Last week my husband Chip turned 40. We first met when he was 25 years old and the first thing I noticed was his smile that could light up a room. As we dated, I noticed that the same smile he greeted me with the first day we met was the same smile he shared with so many others on a daily basis. It didn’t matter if it was the president of a bank or a homeless man, he shared this genuine, sincere smile that warmed the hearts of many. I am truly thankful for this man who has taught me to love deeper than I knew I could love and dream further than I ever thought to dream. Happy 40th Chip Carter – Thank you for teaching us all to have fun living and to love well. You’re a good man.



Magnolia Mugs Available Online

These handmade Magnolia Mugs are now available in our online shop! Each one is made by a local designer and features a stamped Magnolia letters logo. Try enjoying your morning cup of coffee or a cup of hot chocolate with an exclusive Magnolia Mug, or purchase one as a gift for a friend.


Our staff loves using these mugs in our offices! I like to keep one near my desk, especially when a case of the Mondays comes along and I need a little bit of extra coffee to keep me going. Happy Monday everyone!



Magnolia Silos

Several months back I dropped the kiddos off for school and looked over at a tiny vacant building and thought to myself, “How nice would it be if my office was near the kids school?” I kept driving as if it were just a fleeting thought. Something inside kept telling me to turn around and go look at it. I kept driving because I had somewhere to go but the voice didn’t go away. So I turned around to go look at the little building. I parked the car and as I got out I noticed two huge silos behind the small building and a large 20,000 sq ft grain barn. Within five minutes of standing there I felt like God downloaded a business plan for the property and all of a sudden I got vision for the place. It made perfect sense because we were looking to move and even better, It matched the dreams I had in my heart about my shop from ten years ago. I walked away knowing this was meant to be.
I called Chip and the conversation went something like this: “Chip! You know that tiny little white building by the school? I want that to be our new offices!” To which he replied “OK, great that’s a cute little building.” I then told him, “Oh and by the way it comes with 2 1/2 acres, two large silos, and a huge grain barn.” Silence. “Chip, are you there?” He then said, “Jo you are crazy. What are we going to do with all that?” Needless to say I had some convincing to do.
 Since the property wasn’t for sale I started my investigative research and found the owner. I called him and he informed me he wasn’t really interested in selling because he really wanted to keep the silos there and everyone interested in the land wanted to demolish them. It was his father’s grain mill who had past in the 80’s and there was a significant memory attached to the property. I explained that my idea would involve keeping the silos there and I would honor his dad’s memory by keeping a lot of the grain mill just the way it is with some nice updates.

Step one was convincing the owner to sell it. Check.
Step two was convincing my husband to purchase it. He trusted my gut instinct on the place and said go for it. Check.
Step three was convincing the city of the concept. We met them at the silos and they loved the idea and gave us the blessing to move forward. Check.

We have done many projects in Waco but there is something that is different about this one, it’s like every piece of the puzzle fit perfectly.

We are set to start construction at the end of November and are super excited for what the abandoned grain mill is going to become! For those of you who have visited my shop in Waco you may have noticed that we are running out of space in the 1600 sq ft building on Bosque Blvd. We will move our retail location to the new property and it will be in the front portion of the large grain barn which is approx. 4000 sq ft. Our offices and employees will be on the second floor of the grain barn. With the remaining 12,000 sq ft I am going to host a once a month trade days in the enclosed grain barn. Antique vendors from all over will set up shop for the weekend and sell to the public. We already have food trucks and vendors who are signed up to set up in the parking lot. Its going to be a family friendly place to shop, eat, and play. We are also going to build a stage under the existing awning for live music. For now, the silos will serve as a large billboard for the property. In the future we are looking at renovating them but we have to do it in phases.
If you have read my past post about silos and my draw to them, you will understand why I love this place. It’s a piece of the past that I am drawn to. The way things used to be, simpler times. There is a place in all of us that longs for a simpler space and time. The silo location will be a place where I hope others feel that same sense to put their gadgets and phones up, relax and take a break from the rush and demands of life. It’s a piece of history that we get to preserve right in the heart of downtown Waco. Thanks for sharing in the journey with us. We will keep you updated on the progress!

Photos by Rachel Whyte Photography