DIY Garden Planter Gift

As we officially close the chapter on summer and begin the annual fall outdoor chores of pruning and mulching, it also happens to be an ideal time to plant a few spring flowers. That makes this craft perfect for this time of the year. These garden planter packages make a sweet little ‘thank you’ or even ‘just because’ gift.

unnamed(11)These packages contain tulip bulbs, or substitute Paperwhites instead.unnamed(10)During the fall, bulbs are readily available for purchase in most local nurseries and garden centers.
To create these sweet gifts, you will simply need some linen or burlap, twine or ribbon, and the bulbs of your choice.
unnamed(9)Cut a piece of linen or burlap and make a little nest out of Spanish moss in the center, before placing the bulbs on top.
unnamed(8)Gather linen and secure with twine or ribbon. Add foliage from your garden for some movement and color, and place in a little terracotta pot. That’s it! You can add a little handwritten tag, indicating color or type of flower, and tie it to the bundle. Here are some tips to consider when planting your bulbs – you could even type these out and attach it with your tag as well!

1. Plant bulbs before the first frost. Or late October/early November is an ideal time to plant.
2. Plant bulbs soon after purchasing.
3. Plant bulbs generously, in case some do not sprout or get dug up by critters.
4. A general rule of thumb is to plant bulbs at a depth of three times the width of the bulb.
5. Water well after planting. Cover with mulch to keep weeds down and hold moisture through the winter.

That’s it! Super simple. This would make a thoughtful housewarming, teacher or hostess gift. As always, make it your own and enjoy!



DIY Fall Pumpkin Planter

One of the most effortless ways to decorate for fall is to use natural elements, and after all, isn’t half the fun of fall the beautiful colors outside? For this project we wanted to bring the outside in by incorporating pumpkins. Pumpkins are festive and fun while bringing a pop of color and adding a little texture. We wanted to create something soft and simple to decorate your table for the season, but that would also look great sprinkled around your porch, or even used as individual place settings.

The trick to making these last longer than your traditional pumpkin planter is in the wax coating. Here’s how to make them:

You will need:
Mini pumpkins
Serrated knife
Wax candles
Gold spray paint (optional)
Tin or pop can
Popsicle stick
Small plants of your choice
Potting soil

1. With a small sharp knife, carve a hole into the top of a pumpkin that is large enough to fit the plant you’ve selected.
2. Once the top is removed, carefully hollow the inside of the pumpkin. To ensure the pumpkin remains fresh, scrape down the flesh as thoroughly as possible.
3. Spray paint with favorite gold spray if desired.
4. Cut candles into small pieces and place inside a tin or soda can and place in a pot with boiling water. Use tongs to hold can and stir wax with popsicle stick.
5. Remove can from the pan and spoon or pour the wax into the hollowed pumpkins. Swirl the wax around to ensure the interior and lip are completely coated, then set the pumpkin aside until the wax is cool and dry.
6. Fill the sealed pumpkin with potting soil and place a plant inside. Fill out the edges of the planting with moss as needed. Repeat for as many pumpkins as you’d like.

pumpkin4These look beautiful stacked on top of vintage books, but you can also display them on top of a wood slice for a more rustic and natural feel. Remember to tag #magnoliamarket in your social media posts! We can’t wait to see these succulent planters in your home! Enjoy.


Magnolia Farms Tray

Joanna’s inspiration for designing this Magnolia Signature product came from a piece in her own home – a one-of-a-kind, antique crate with “Farm” stamped on the side. When Jo spotted it at an antiques fair, she immediately loved it and bought it on the spot. Jo still uses it in her farmhouse.

Joanna was inspired by her antique tray and its many uses, and wanted one that represented Magnolia readily available for her Market shoppers. That’s how our Magnolia Farms Tray came to be!

We get it all the time, “I love this piece, but I’m honestly not sure how to use it!”
We’ve just about heard every use under the sun, but we thought we’d share a few of our favorites – just in case you’re stuck.

  1. Use it, like Joanna uses it, in your entryway or mudroom. It sits nicely on a shelf, or even on the ground to hold muddy boots or shoes. Joanna uses hers on a shelf to hold simple decor. It adds depth and dimension, while adding a woodsy, authentic feeling.
  2. Set this tray at the foot of your guest bed and situate a candle, a book and an extra blanket on it. You could even add a few clean towels or a plate of freshly baked cookies when you’re expecting guests! This immediately turns it into a picture-worthy hospitality tray.
  3. This piece is equally as perfect for entertaining guests in your kitchen. Leave it on the foot of your bed, on a shelf, or on your coffee table most of the time, and move it to the kitchen when you’re hosting a dinner or party. Stack plates and flatware at the beginning of a dinner buffet…
    farmstray2…or host a simple party! Place snacks and drinks on your Magnolia Farms Tray for guests.
  4. The Magnolia Farms Tray is also great in a greenhouse or garden. Store a few potted plants and your gardening tools on it for an effortless and useful addition to the space. The slats in the wood make for easy draining.
    farmstray5 How do you use your Magnolia Farms Tray? Share a photo of it in your home by using the hashtag #magnoliamarket – we can’t wait to see it in your space!