diy gift wrapping

Gift Wrapping for the Holidays

Handmade gifts are generally considered extra-special because the recipient appreciates the time and effort you put into making them. You can easily evoke the same appreciative sentiment with purchased gifts by putting a little extra time into the wrapping.

This year, why not keep it simple by using brown kraft paper? It’s classic, and the possibilities of making these packages look beautiful are endless.

Here are 3 simple ideas to get you started.


Make simple yarn tassels.

Wrap yarn around the parcel several times and attach the tassels. Beautifully simple.


Use inexpensive wooden letters (found at any craft store) to spell out a word or even the recipient’s name.
Hot glue directly to parcel, or to twine as shown.


Take a plastic toy, pre-drill a hole on top and attach an eye hook.
Add to a parcel for a sweet and tender touch to a child’s gift.

A good tip is to think of a theme and collect items that coordinate. When you do this, the possibilities are endless.

Have fun and happy wrapping!
diy gbo

DIY Gingerbread Ornaments

With their familiar scent and their simple yet timeless appearance, gingerbread ornaments have become a Christmas classic. These adorable ornaments are meant to look like gingerbread dough, but made to last for years to come as they are less likely to break like the traditional gingerbread or cinnamon dough.
For these ornaments, we kept the shape fairly simple, but you can make them as elaborate as you wish.
Supply List
Polymer Clay (brown and white)
Puff Paint
Rolling Pin
Sharp Blade
1. Knead white and brown polymer clay together until thoroughly blended (we used a ratio of 2:1 brown to white) 
2. Place dough on work surface and roll with a rolling pin
3. With a sharp blade, cut the shape of a simple house
4. Using a straw, poke a hole at the top
5. Follow baking instructions and allow to cool completely 
6. Using Puff paint or 3D Paint, outline the areas where you would like the ‘frosting’ to be located
(again, it can be very simple or as detailed as you would like) 
7. Allow paint to dry completely
8. Thread string through hole
These would make such a cute addition to any tree, or even to tie as a gift tag for a present.
 Simply follow the same instructions as above to make these adorable mittens.
A benefit of using simple shapes is that it can be a simple craft to share with little ones.
As mentioned before, these adorable ornaments can be made to be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Alternatively, you can also use cookie cutters and make a variety of shapes.
Take time to slow down during this busy season- this is a fun sit down craft to do with your friends or your kiddos!

DIY Snowballs

In Texas we don’t get to experience too much snow, so I loved these decorative handmade snowballs and thought it would make a fun DIY post! No matter where you live, these snowballs will make a fun and whimsical addition to your Christmas decor and can even be displayed beyond the holidays.

Without having to get your hands cold, these realistic looking snowballs are an easy and perfect craft to make with your little ones on a rainy afternoon.

Supply list:
Styrofoam balls of varying sizes
Epson salt or rock salt
Craft glue
Shredded snow (found in most craft stores) 
Fine white glitter (optional)
Trays or bowls to contain mess
1. Cover Styrofoam ball with a generous amount of glue
2. Place in bowl with ‘shredded snow’ and cover Styrofoam ball completely
3. Pour a generous amount of glue over  ‘snowball’ and cover with Epson or rock salt
Optional: while glue is still wet, add white fine glitter
4. Allow to dry before display 
Create varying sized snowballs for a more realistic display. 

Place them in a bowl for a beautiful centerpiece or in an old bucket as part of your front porch display, and enjoy your never-melt snowballs.