Finding Your Design Style

One of the reasons why I love what I do so much is because I love helping people create their homes, letting their design style and preferences shine through the finished product. The one thing I say over and over is your home is a reflection of your heart, not someone else’s. I believe home should be a place where you are inspired, a place where you come alive, and a place you enjoy with your significant others and loved ones. Finding your design style starts with you; Not your neighbor, your best friend, or the beautiful magazine on your coffee table. It starts with what’s inside you. Here are a few steps to get you started.

  • Get to a place of contentment first before you move forward, or you’ll never be happy with your home. Agree to embrace where you live, no matter what it looks like or how many projects you’ve got to tackle.
  • Embrace your season of life. Let your home be a place where you thrive. For example, if you are an empty nester, let the atmosphere of your home allow you to move emotionally forward so you don’t feel stuck in the past. Or if you are a mother with young children, let your home be a place where your children thrive. Let them make messes. Let them be inspired.
  • Clear to clutter. Get rid of unnecessary stuff and let your rooms breath. Quit holding on to so many things, when you clear the rooms it allows you to think beyond the space and this is where creativity flows. Don’t let all your stuff stifle you.

Start with these basics and you will start laying the foundation of design for your home. The more unique the better because you are one a kind and your home should be too! I’d love to hear about the stage of life you are in and how you are embracing the amazing beautiful gift of home.



Product Spotlight: Zinc Norah Vase

I love finding products that have multiple uses and these vases are no exception. The Zinc Norah Vase is one of my favorite new items in our online shop! I recently used the small size for planters at a baby shower for party favors. The distressed metal finish was the perfect compliment to these pretty yellow flowers.



The Zinc Norah Vase comes in two sizes. The small is $6 and the large is $8. This item could also be used as a desk accessory, a pencil holder, a party favor, or gift for a friend. Available online and at Magnolia Market in Waco!

Also pictured: Chalkboard Plant Marker - $12

{Product photos by Jared Tseng}


Changing the Atmosphere

I’ve been recently reminded that the way I perceive my circumstances can really make or break my day and can have a major effect on those around me. My attitude going into places can either add or take away from the atmosphere. I want to choose to be positive, reminding myself that every opportunity is a gift.
Chip is really good at this. He typically finds the positive things in any situation while that tends to be a bit harder for me. I think more about what needs to get done and how it’s going to be accomplished. But I’ve realized I can choose which lens I’m going to view life from. Even though our life is crazy right now, I want to think of this as a opportunity more than anything else. I can trust that this is a chance to grow and learn. And it’s a chance to enjoy each other as a family doing what we love to do most.
It all starts in my mind. Am I viewing the current circumstance as an opportunity or as a burden? Am I overwhelmed by what could go wrong or am I excited about what could go right? I want to be able to find the positive in each situation, believing God brought me there for a specific purpose and will sustain me through it. If I start the day overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done, then I’m missing some of the good things along the way!
Whether you’re a stay at home mom picking up after your kiddos or work a full time job, we can all choose to be atmosphere changers. And by that I mean, we have the power to set the tone with our kids at home or with our coworkers at the office. Rather than view life as a constant to do list, think of it as an opportunity to love and serve others well. This will shift the atmosphere and you will find others inspired to do the same.